Which Courses Will Be Evaluated

While the majority of courses at UNR are evaluated online at www.unr.edu/evaluate, there are some courses that will not be evaluated at all.  For questions, please contact Russell Stone, Assistant Vice Provost, Assessment & Accreditation.


The pilot for the new software took place in fall 2014 for about 165 lecture courses, labs, and discussion sections.  Beginning in the 2014 Wintermester and continuing in spring 2015, all courses were evaluated using the software. WebCampus and paper evaluations were discontinued in January 2015. 

Please note that no registration or prior action is required of faculty or students before the appropriate evaluation period. Students enrolled in courses at the last add/drop date of each semester will automatically be granted access to evaluation forms when they log in to www.unr.edu/evaluate, and all faculty teaching courses eligible for evaluations will have accounts automatically created.

Courses To Be Evaluated

Two factors determine which courses will be evaluated through the online system:

1. Location and Academic Calendar

Courses meeting during fall, spring, summer, and Wintermester terms are eligible for online course evaluations, provided that they meet the requirements below.  In general, School of Medicine and USAC courses will not be enrolled for evaluation through "Nevaluations."  However, graduate interdisciplinary programs involving an academic department on the main campus and the School of Medicine will use the online system for their courses.

2. Size and Course Type

Any course or section with 3 or fewer students enrolled will be excluded from evaluation for the sake of preserving student anonymity.  Independent study, thesis/dissertation, senior thesis, research or directed readings, comprehensive exam preparatory courses, and graduate advisement courses will also be excluded.

Evaluation Dates

Evaluation periods are assigned at the beginning of each term, based on course data available in PeopleSoft (MyNevada).  Dynamically dated courses (courses meeting for fewer than 15 weeks) are typically assigned evaluation periods of 5-7 days, depending on the length of the class.  In the the fall and spring, regular, 15-week courses will be evaluated in the final evaluation session of the semester.  These evaluation sessions at the end of the fall and spring will be open for 10 days and will close at 11:59PM on Prep Day.  In the summer, "First Summer Session" courses ending in early July are typically evaluated in one period, and "Regular" and "Second Summer Session" courses ending in August are evaluated in a second period, although all eligible dynamic courses are assigned an evaluation period.

When an evaluation period opens, the instructor of record and all enrolled students receive an automated email that evaluations are accessible at www.unr.edu/evaluate.

Course Evaluations and Instructors of Record

Given that students are asked to evaluate the instructor, as well as the course, and that instructors are given access to evaluation results for their courses, department schedulers must ensure that the correct instructors of record, including Teaching Assistants, are assigned to their courses in MyNevada.  For every evaluation session, course data, including instructor and student information, is uploaded from PeopleSoft into the course evaluation software, and it will not be possible for IT representatives or the Office of the Provost to verify that faculty, TAs, etc. are listed accurately.