Students and Course Evaluations: FAQ

What If I Make a Mistake or Submit an Incorrect Evaluation?

After you submit an evaluation, you cannot access it to make changes or delete it. However, if you accidentally submit an evaluation for the wrong professor/course, please contact

Are Course Evaluations Anonymous?

Yes, evaluations are completely anonymous, and neither your numerical answers to university-wide, college, or department questions nor your written comments will have identifying information.

How Do I Remember Which Evaluations I’ve Completed?

When you log in to, you'll see which courses you still have to evaluate. However, you will also receive an email acknowledgement after submitting a course evaluation, and during the evaluation session, you'll receive email reminders for the specific courses that you have not yet evaluated and an indication of how many days you have left to do so.

Which Courses Am I Going To Evaluate?

You will evaluate each professor and TA listed for your courses in each semester. If you have a course that includes both a lecture and a separate lab or discussion section, then you'll receive evaluation forms for both, and if you have a team-taught course, then you'll receive evaluation forms for each professor. However, not all UNR courses are eligible for evaluation. For a guide to these courses, refer to this policies page.

When Are Course Evaluations Available?

UNR courses are evaluated before final exams are administered. At the end of the fall and spring semesters, students are given 16 days to evaluate courses, and all evaluations are closed at 11:59PM on Prep Day. If you're enrolled in a shorter course that meets for fewer than 15 weeks (a so-called dynamically dated course), you'll generally be able to access the evaluation system during the last 5-7 days or so of the course. Students enrolled in Wintermester courses will also have about a week to evaluate their courses. Whatever the evaluation period assigned to your course, you will always receive an email alerting you when evaluations are available for you to fill out.

Why Do I Need to Evaluate My Courses?

Without student feedback, faculty cannot gauge the effectiveness of many aspects of their courses: assignments, readings, grading standards applied to student work, student learning outcomes and course objectives, and which parts of the curriculum students found particularly challenging or rewarding. Evaluations offer students the opportunity to express their opinions about such matters and to engage in a feedback loop of value to multiple individuals. By providing faculty with insight into a current course, students help determine the direction of that course for their peers in following semesters.

Where Do I Access Course Evaluations?

On any computer, smart phone, or tablet, simply go to and log in with your NetID and password. So long as you're enrolled in courses that are eligible for evaluation, and you access the site during an open evaluation session, you shouldn't encounter any problems logging in. If you do, however, contact

What Happens If I Don’t Submit All of My Course Evaluations?

Students who do not submit ALL of their course evaluations by 11:59PM on Prep Day (Wednesday before finals begin) will be unable to view their final course grades in MyNEVADA until after the deadline for faculty to submit all grades.  Please refer to the Academic Calendar for exact dates and deadlines. However, if all course evaluations are submitted by 11:59PM on Prep Day, you will be able to see your grades in real-time in MyNEVADA as faculty submit them.

What Happens If I Submit All of My Course Evaluations?

Students who submit ALL of their course evaluations during the last two weeks of the semester will be eligible for prize drawings. Throughout this 16-day evaluation period, daily drawings will be held for gift cards and items from the Wolf Shop, as well as Starbucks gift cards.

How Do I Know If My Responses in Evaluations Matter?

Faculty closely read course evaluations at the end of every semester, and UNR will begin advertising for students how departments and degree programs use student opinions in these evaluations to revise courses and curricula. Please check back at in the future.