Course Evaluations

All enrolled students may evaluate their courses by logging in to during the appropriate evaluation session.  As soon as they open, these sessions are announced via email to faculty and students.

All UNR courses are now evaluated through online course evaluation software called WDYT? (What Do You Think?) by CollegeNet, except for those offered by the School of Medicine and USAC and courses that do not meet designated criteria (having to do, for example, with course enrollment) or that are not normally evaluated (such as independent studies).  For a list of courses exempted from evaluation, please consult these policies.

Course evaluations are no longer conducted through Canvas, MyNevada, or on paper, as the sole means of evaluating UNR courses is to log on to

Some of the features offered by the online system of course evaluation include permanent accounts for deans, chairs, and faculty members to monitor and analyze the results of their course evaluations across multiple semesters, an easily accessible URL ( for students during evaluation sessions, and the inclusion of multiple layers of evaluation questions (UNR-wide, college- or department-specific, etc.) in one form.

What Questions to Expect

Besides questions included by colleges and departments, UNR relies on the following sets of institutional questions for lecture courses (undergraduate and graduate courses) and for labs and discussion sections.

For lectures, the evaluation form will ask the following questions:

  1. What was the overall quality of this course? 
  2. How confident are you in the instructor's knowledge of the subject matter of this course? 
  3. How clear were the instructor's expectations and guidelines for evaluating student work? 
  4. How fair was the application of evaluation standards? 
  5. What was the overall quality of the instructor's teaching? 
  6. Please provide your thoughts on the instructor's teaching, including strengths and areas for possible improvement. 
  7. Please provide your thoughts on the course as a whole, including strengths and areas for possible improvement. 
  8. How well did the syllabus and the instructor convey course expectations and learning outcomes? 
  9. How well did the course help you achieve these learning outcomes? 
  10. How many hours per week did you work on this course, other than time in class? 
  11. What grade do you expect to receive for this course? 

For labs and discussion sections, similarly worded questions are included on the evaluation form.

How To Access Course Evaluations

Simply go to on any computer or mobile device, and log in with your NetID and password.  All accounts will be created for campus users, and for any questions please see the relevant pages for students, faculty, and administrators or contact