7,010: Management of George Whittell Forest and Wildlife Area

Revised: December 2019

It is the policy of the University of Nevada, Reno that the George Whittell Forest and Wildlife Area (Area) be maintained so that (1) most of its area shall be preserved as a primitive area for research and (2) small and limited areas shall be designated as class use areas for experimentation and instruction.

As a University Core Research Facility, institutional control of the Area is vested in the Vice President, Research and Innovation (VPRI) or designee.

The VPRI or designee shall establish the Whittell Forest Advisory Committee (Committee). The Committee is charged with making recommendations to the VPRI or designee concerning the academic mission, supervision, management, and control of the Area, including the establishment and enforcement of rules and regulations for the use of the Area.

The Committee shall consist of a Director and six (6) additional members, composed of faculty, state collaborators, and knowledgeable community members. The Director shall manage the day-to-day business of the Area, and shall be responsible to and be supervised by the VPRI or designee.

The Director and other members of the Committee shall be appointed by the VPRI or designee. The other members shall serve renewable terms of two years, while the Director shall serve a renewable term of three (3) years. Members of the Committee, including the Director shall serve at the pleasure of the VPRI. The VPRI may terminate any appointment without cause, reasons, or right of reconsideration.