7,003: Policy on Registered Sex Offenders

Last Revised: November 2003

All students, university employees, non-university employees, and guests of the University who have been convicted of a sex crime as defined by NRS 179D.410 or crimes against children as defined by NRS 179D.210 must register with the University of Nevada Police Services no later than 48 hours after arriving on university property.

A student is defined as a person who is currently enrolled in at least one credit.

An employee is defined as anyone who engages in or who knows or reasonably should know that he will engage in any type of occupation, employment, work or volunteer service on a full-time or part-time basis for (a) any period exceeding 14 days; or (b) more than 30 days, in the aggregate, during any calendar year, whether or not the person engages in or will engage in the occupation, employment, work or volunteer service for compensation or for the purposes of a governmental or educational benefit. This definition includes, but is not limited to: (a)a person employed by the University; (b) a person who is self-employed; (c) an employee of an independent contractor; or (d) a paid or unpaid intern, extern, aide, assistant or volunteer.

A guest is defined as a person who is present on university property for 48 hours or more.