6,010: Courses-Procedures for Additions, Deletions, or Modifications

Revised: June 2009

This section explains the procedures for adding, deleting or modifying courses resulting in a revision in the catalog description of a course.

This section covers:

  • change in course prefix
  • change in course numbers
  • change in prerequisites or corequisites
  • change to or from S/U grading
  • change in course title
  • change in credit hours
  • change in distribution of credits between lecture and laboratory hours
  • change in course descriptions
  • deletion of courses
  • establishment of new courses
  • replacing an existing course with a new course

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance and review is available from University Courses and Curricula Committee (UCCC) staff at any point in the course approval process. When such assistance is requested by the proposal submitter, staff will review the proposal, provide guidance on required components, and begin tracking the proposal through the approval process. If requested, NSHE Common Course Numbering (CCN) forms, required for undergraduate new course proposals, course deletions, and certain course changes, will be completed by UCCC staff. Academic faculty will be consulted to negotiate changes. Please allow three weeks for processing.


  1. Except for proposals involving only editorial changes in courses which the Provost's Office may immediately approve for implementation (see 4. below), proposals for changes in both undergraduate and graduate courses will be referred to the UCCC.
  2. All proposals for changes in courses originate in the department or college and, after approval by the department faculty, department and college curricula committee, and the dean, are forwarded to the Provost's Office.
    1. Requests for a change to an existing course that are limited to changes to a prerequisite, corequisite, or recommended preparation should be made on the "REQUEST FOR CHANGE TO COURSE PREREQUISITE, COREQUISITE, OR RECOMMENDED PREPARATION" form available on the UCCC website.

      Requests for a change in existing courses, for deletion of a course, or for creation of a new course should be made on the "NEW OR CHANGED COURSE PROPOSAL" form, regardless of the magnitude of the change. See the UCCC website for instructions on completing the "NEW OR CHANGED COURSE PROPOSAL" form.

      All requests for new courses, replacement courses, and changes to existing courses must be accompanied by a syllabus, revised catalog copy, and a Library Resource Assessment Form. In addition, proposals for new undergraduate courses or deletions of undergraduate courses require the NSHE Common Course Numbering form.

      Proposals must be signed by the department chair and the dean of the appropriate college or school. See instructions in item 2c regarding signatures and electronic submission.

      Course proposals will be reviewed not only as entities, but also in the context of their impact on programs (i.e., degree, major, minor, etc.). Therefore, combine all proposals pertaining to a single department in one submission and attach new or revised catalog copy for the programs which will be affected by the proposals.
    2. If the proposed change affects offerings in other departments, the "NEW OR CHANGED COURSE PROPOSAL" form or the "REQUEST FOR CHANGE TO COURSE PREREQUISITE, COREQUISITE, OR RECOMMENDED PREPARATION" form must be accompanied by a letter of support from the impacted department(s).
    3. Three (3) hard copies or an electronic copy of the proposal and accompanying documentation should be forwarded to the Provost's Office after department and college/school reviews are complete. Proposals delivered electronically should be emailed to UCC@unr.edu; proposals without signatures must come from or through (listed on "cc" line) the appropriate associate dean and department chair.
  3. The Provost's Office may route proposals to the Graduate Council or the University Core Curriculum Board, as appropriate, prior to their review by the UCCC.
  4. Editorial changes in courses - The Provost's Office may approve, for immediate implementation, proposals involving only editorial changes. Editorial changes are limited to changes of such a nature that they do not require action by the UCCC. Editorial changes could include correction of spelling, grammar, typographical errors, and resolution of inconsistencies such as changes in course numbers of prerequisite and corequisite courses when those courses have been renumbered through a UCCC approved course number change. Editorial changes do NOT include changes in the course description, changes in the courses used as perquisites or corequisites, or any other change that is subject to review by the UCCC.
    1. A department representative may initiate the request for an editorial change in a course by submitting a memo, and revised catalog copy if applicable, through the department chair and dean, to the Provost's Office and the chair of the UCCC.
    2. If the proposed change affects offerings in other departments, the memo must be accompanied by a letter of support from the impacted department(s).
    3. If the Chair of the UCCC and the Provost's Office approve the change, a copy of the memo and revised catalog copy will be sent to the Office of Admissions and Records. Upon receipt of the memo in Admissions and Records, the change is made in the degree audit encoding and in the catalog copy as soon as possible.
    4. These changes will be reported to the UCCC as an information item and included in the minutes at its next regular meeting.