6,080: Guidelines for Undergraduate Special Requirements

Revised: June 2009

Recommended Policies and Procedures - For special department, school, or college requirements beyond the minimum specified by university regulations relative to initial entry to a major, progression in the major and graduation:

  1. The department's, school's, or college's faculty is responsible for initiating the development of any proposed special requirements or selection criteria.
  2. Proposals approved by the department, school, or college are forwarded to the dean for consideration and, if approved, on to the Provost's Office for final approval or disapproval, after review by the UCCC.
  3. Proposals receiving final approval are to be published in the next edition of the catalog.
  4. The department, school, or college concerned is directly responsible for administering and enforcing all special requirements as approved

Criteria for Special Requirements:

  1. The required GPA and all special requirements are to be clearly stated and available for information.
  2. Requirements are to be objective and measurable to the fullest extent possible.
  3. An appeals procedure is to be provided.
  4. Appropriate counseling is to be provided for unsuccessful students to facilitate a positive redirection of their educational objectives.
  5. All special requirements and the accompanying procedures are to be legally defensible.

Revised Definition of Terms for New Admissions:

  1. The term "undeclared" major is to be replaced by the term "pre-major" for all new admissions who do not specify a major area of interest on their applications.
  2. The term "pre-major" is also to be used for new admissions seeking entry to a major in a department, school, or college which has approved special requirements.
  3. New admissions to departments, schools, or colleges not having special requirements will continue to be placed directly in the major as requested.

Admission to departments, schools or colleges having approved special requirements for entry to a major, progression or graduation:

  1. All new admissions are placed in the "pre-major" status in the school or college as requested on the application.
  2. A faculty advisor is assigned by the department, school, or college of the desired major to recognize interest.
  3. The student remains in the "pre-major" status until acceptance to the major is formally approved by the department, school, or college through the regular procedure for changing a major, college, or advisor.
  4. The assigned advisor is responsible for monitoring the progression of the student after acceptance in the major and enforcing any special progression requirements until graduation.