6,073: New Program Pre-Proposal Committee

Revised: June 2009

The purpose of the New Program Pre-proposal (NPPP) Committee is to review proposals for new degrees, majors, programs, and certificates, for deletion of existing degrees, majors, or programs, and for renaming of existing departments, schools or colleges. The NPPP Committee makes recommendations to the Executive Vice President & Provost.

Proposals for addition or deletion of degrees, majors and programs and proposals for unit name changes cannot go forward until reviewed by the NPPP Committee and approved by the Executive Vice President & Provost.

The purpose of having the NPPP committee review preliminary proposals prior to the submission of a complete proposal is to provide feedback to the originator. The NPPP committee reviews the feasibility of any proposals for new programs, reviews the impact of proposals for deletions, and reviews name change proposals for any potential conflicts. The NPPP committee may recommend changes and resubmission to the NPPP if appropriate. If the proposal is not approved through the NPPP committee process in the Provost's Office, it cannot go forward to the UCCC.

  1. Membership - The NPPP Committee shall be composed of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, the current Faculty Senate chair and chair-elect, the Vice Provost for Graduate Education/Dean of the Graduate School, and the chair of the UCCC.
  2. Meetings and Deadlines - This committee meets as needed to review proposals submitted to the Provost's Office by colleges or departments.