6,045: Curricula-Elimination of Degrees, Majors, or Programs

Revised: November 2021

The procedures below govern the elimination of an academic program. The Curriculog “Program Change”approval process should be used, with a completed NSHE Academic Program Elimination/Deactivation form uploaded as an attachment.

After review by appropriate departmental and college committees the proposal will route to the Graduate Council (if applicable), the UCCC, and the Provost’s Office.

Items to be addressed on the NSHE form include:

  1. Title of program to be eliminated
  2. Reason for proposed elimination of the program
  3. Plan to phase out the program including a description of how enrolled students’ needs will be met
  4. Impact of elimination on faculty and staff, and related academic programs
  5. Description of the process of notifying other institutions regarding impact of program closure on transfer and articulation

After receiving final recommendations, the final proposal will be forwarded to the NSHE Academic Affairs Council and Board of Regents for approval.

Eliminations of degrees, majors, or programs also require approval by the NWCCU (see Section 6,042).  After approval by the UCCC, the Academic Affairs Council and the Board of Regents, the proposal is submitted by the Provost’s Office to the NWCCU for approval. Upon notification of approval by the NWCCU, the proposal will receive final approval for implementation via Curriculog.