5,313: Alcoholic Beverages

Last Revised: September 1998

At the University of Nevada, Reno, all non-student, catered events to occur on campus in which alcohol will be present must be approved in advance by the president of the University, or his designee, according to the NSHE Board of Regents Handbook, according to established policies and procedures. In all cases, alcohol should not be the focus of any catered events, and there should be no special pricing or promotions for any alcoholic beverages. In order to assure that the event has the potential of being a successful, safe event, the following parameters must be followed by the university personnel, as well as by the individuals associated with the event and/or sponsoring the event:

  1. All events involving the sale, distribution or service of alcohol on campus require advance approval from the president of the University of Nevada, Reno or his designee, at least 10 working days prior to the event with one exception, Lawlor Events Center which makes the request by memorandum on a batch bases. In order for the event to be approved, at least one "on site" person from the sponsoring group must be identified who will be present throughout the event.
  2. No alcohol will be served on-campus by anyone other than a Licensed Liquor Vendor (LLV), except in the skyboxes in Mackay Stadium, where it is authorized to serve alcohol whether it is purchased or donated. All other food and beverage purchases over $50 must be ordered through catering.
  3. For approved events where the customer is providing the alcohol, a corkage fee will be charged and the LLV will take control of the sale/distribution of the alcohol
  4. In order to prevent the service of alcohol to underage persons and/or intoxicated people, the LLV must take precautions as outline in the "Parameters and Procedures for Non-Student Catering Events to be Held in Compliance with the Campus Alcohol Policy at the University of Nevada, Reno."
  5. Individuals who appear to be intoxicated at an event will not be served alcohol by the bar person.

A complete copy of the procedures for serving alcoholic beverages at events may be obtained through the Scheduling Services Office or the Office of Student Life.