5,450: Use of Bicycles on University Property

Revised: June 2016

The University of Nevada, Reno encourages the use of bicycles as a means of transportation by members of the university community while ensuring safety for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorized vehicles.

All bicycles on university property must be registered annually with the university and display a university bicycle parking permit. Registration and permits are free through Parking and Transportation Services. Bicycles shall be parked only in designated bicycle parking.

The University must abide by fire safety policies and ADA requirements. Bicycles parked in areas other than designated bicycle parking in a manner that violates fire safety requirements or impedes ADA access may be removed by Parking and Transportation Services or other designated university officials.

Individuals shall be held responsible for damage caused to university property as a result of improper operation of bicycles or storage of bicycles in areas other than designated bicycle parking.

Faculty, staff, students, or visitors using bicycles shall operate bicycles in a prudent manner and exhibit due regard for the safety of pedestrians. For the purposes of this policy, "prudent manner" is defined as follows:

• User will heed the 15 mph speed limit on internal university roadways.
• User will maintain a distance of at least three feet from pedestrians.
• User will ensure that all equipment wheels remain on the ground at all times.
• User will heed any and all designated dismount zones.
• User will not use equipment on stairs, terraces, or railings.
• User will not use mobile devices such as smartphones or wear earphones while the equipment is in motion.

Individuals shall be held responsible for injuries to themselves or others as a result of the improper operation of bicycles on university property.

The university prohibits the use of bicycles within university buildings. Bicycles may not be stored in classrooms. Individuals using bicycles shall also follow relevant municipal codes. In Reno, the Reno Municipal Code, Chapter 6.18, regulates use of bicycles on public roadways and sidewalks and specifies mandatory safety equipment.

For additional university bicycling information and links to maps that show dismount zones, visit Bicycling on and around Campus.