5,420: Summer Use of Residence Halls

Last Revised: March 1998

The UNR residence halls are available for occupancy during the summer months and are to be used in support of the following university functions:

  1. To meet the broad responsibilities associated with being Nevada's land grant institution.
  2. To meet the recruitment and retention goals of the university through academic and athletic programs.
  3. To promote the utilization of the intellectual resources of the university and to stabilize the employment of university staff.
  4. To meet the organizational goals of the Residential Life, Housing and Food Service office (summer conference programs).
  5. To promote the University by exposing the campus to groups with students who might apply for admission.

This policy is designed to be used as a guide for the allocation of rooms in residence halls during the summer months.


  1. Students taking summer session courses and housing residents for the fall term.
  2. Academic student recruitment activities including Upward Bound and any other recruitment activities designed to attract students of special needs or talents to the University.