5,407: Facilities Inventory and Classification

Revised: June 2017

Responsibilities - The facilities inventory control and file maintenance responsibilities for all university space are assigned by the President to the Facilities Planning and Analysis Office for management in accordance with federal guidelines contained in the most recent edition of the "Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual, (NCES 92-165).

Listings and Reports - Computerized files are maintained to provide current statistical data as required for institutional, system, state, and federal reports. Institutional reports and listings are generated periodically for: (1) all buildings by room number, assignment, and use; (2) total space assigned to each university organizational unit by building, room number, and use; and (3) total space assigned by major use groupings (i.e., office, classroom, research, etc.).

Changes - Any change in the classification, assignment, use, or configuration of university space as shown in the master space inventory or the building floor plans maintained by Facilities Services requires the advance written approval of the Facilities Resource Committee in accordance with approved policy.