5,406: Support of Classroom and Audiovisual Technologies

Revised: January 2016

Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) provides support for audiovisual technology located in classrooms and other academic spaces around campus. The primary mission of the Classroom Technology unit of TLT is to support and maintain classrooms centrally scheduled by Scheduling Services and the technology within.

Teaching & Learning Technologies supports:

• Technology found in centrally-scheduled classrooms, conference rooms and group study rooms on campus.
• Technology that has been designed or specified by TLT.
• Video conferencing equipment in centrally-scheduled classrooms and, as assigned, in conference rooms.

Technology support in designated spaces includes:

• Bulb replacement
• Routine maintenance
• Troubleshooting and minor repairs
• Major repairs (centrally-scheduled classrooms only)
• Technology refresh (centrally-scheduled classrooms only)

Teaching & Learning Technologies does not:

• Support departmentally-purchased technology not designed or specified by TLT
• Support non-standard technology not designed or specified by TLT
• Fund technology refreshes in departmentally-scheduled spaces
• Provide replacement supplies for departmentally-funded equipment