5,402: Priorities and Procedures for the Assignment, Scheduling and Use of University Space

Revised: May 2018

Responsibility: The responsibility for university space policy is assigned solely to the Executive Vice President & Provost.

Scheduling Services schedules space for the regular instructional programs. The Executive Vice President & Provost assigns all space.

NOTE: The unilateral commitment of space by a user unit to another user requestor is inconsistent with university policy and therefore prohibited.

Priorities for Assignment and Scheduling: The broad general priorities applied in the scheduling of space are:

  1. University-funded instruction, research, and service programs.
  2. University-approved extracurricular activities by a University Group, as that term is defined in section 5,302, including but not limited to athletics, intramurals, student functions, and faculty events.
  3. Outside Groups, as that term is defined in section 5,302, which are sponsored by a University Group, National Judicial College, and the Retired Faculty Association.

Non-instructional Scheduling by University Personnel:

For the coordination, approval and scheduling university facilities and outdoor areas, refer to section 5,302.