5,300: Purpose of Policies - Scheduling University Facilities

Revised: December 2019

The purpose of these policies and regulations is to ensure the effective use and enjoyment of facilities and outside areas of the University and to further the university’s mission of learning, discovery and engagement. The intent of these policies and regulations are to prevent interference and material and substantial disruption of university functions or activities; to promote safety; to protect university property; to facilitate scheduling and management of university facilities and/or outdoor areas; and to prioritize use of university facilities and/or outdoor areas. These policies and regulations shall be interpreted consistent with the University’s Mission, Vision, and Values; the NSHE policy; the First Amendment and all other applicable state and federal laws.

The University, its facilities and its outdoor areas are provided primarily for University activities, including instruction, research, administration, engagement, and student activities. Instruction, research, and administration take priority. Consistent with applicable law and policy, when not required for university activities, and subject to other university policies, certain university facilities and outdoor areas may be scheduled for other uses. The University, its facilities and its outdoor areas shall be used in accordance with federal, state, and local laws and shall not be used for the purpose of organizing or carrying out any unlawful activity. Use of facilities and outdoor areas does not in any way imply that the University endorses, encourages, or approves the purposes, conduct, or messages of the users.

University Groups and Outside Groups, as those terms are defined in UAM 5,302, shall not interfere with or disrupt university classes, business, or other scheduled activities. All actions by University Groups and Outside Groups shall be consistent with the maintenance of university facilities and the free flow of persons. Interference with exterior and interior entrances is strictly prohibited.