5,020: University Notary Public Services

Revised: August 2018

The University shall provide notary public services to students, faculty, and staff for university business at no charge in accordance with this policy.  When a notary commission is required for a particular University office or position and where immediate access to a notary public is essential to the work of the office, upon written approval of the appropriate supervisor with authority to expend university funds, such funds may be used to pay the cost of an individual employee's notary commission and surety bond.

When university funds have been used to pay for an individual's notary commission and surety bond, notary services for university-related business are to be made available to students, faculty, and staff free of charge.  University business includes, but is not limited to, such purposes as the Nevada loyalty oath, scholarship certification, applications for internships, programs and awards, passport and insurance documentation, legal documents related to university affairs, voter registration, financial aid requirements, grant applications, placement and certification needs, retirement documents and student activity participation.

University notaries are not prohibited from providing their services to students, faculty, staff and members of the public for non-university related personal, legal and financial matters; however, such services should not be performed while the notary is performing his or her university job duties.  Notaries who are employees and have paid for their commission and surety bond personally shall not provide non-university notary services during work hours; such notaries are not prohibited from charging fees as allowed by Nevada Notary laws.

Because all university notaries have other university duties, they may not be able to assist at your convenience.  It is advised that individuals needing notarizations call ahead to arrange a convenient time.