1,650: Restricted Gifts

Last Revised: April 1999

Gifts may only be accepted by the Board of Regents, except for gifts to previously approved or existing programs which are accepted by the university president. Acceptance of a gift imposes a legal obligation to comply with the terms established by the donor. Therefore, it is necessary that the nature and extent of this obligation be clearly understood. For this reason, the terms of each restricted gift will be carefully reviewed by the UNR Foundation/Development & Alumni Relations to ensure that they do not hamper the usefulness and desirability of the gift to the university, and for recommendation for acceptance by the President or the Board of Regents. Communications from a college, school, or department must not state or imply acceptance of the gift.

If a gift is deemed unacceptable because of the restrictions the donor has placed on its use, the donor will be counseled to remove or modify the restrictions.

A gift will be refused or returned when the purpose is inappropriate or not conducive to the best interest of the university, is clearly a commercial endeavor, or would obligate the university to undertake responsibilities, financial, or otherwise, which it may not be capable of meeting for the period required by the terms of the gift.

The UNR Foundation/Development & Alumni Relations will submit required reports or gifts to the Board of Regents in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth in the Board of Regents Handbook.