1,620: Procedures

Revised: April 2015

  1. Before soliciting any gift or donation or undertaking fund-raising activities on behalf of any UNR program or activity, exclusive of grant and contract proposals to government agencies or other sources specifically to support research or training, plans for such activities must be reviewed by the Foundation/Development & Alumni Relations. This step is necessary so multiple and excessive solicitations of donors and prospects can be minimized or avoided.
  2. Individuals seeking solicitation clearance must first consult with their own division's dean or vice president, who will work with the Foundation to determine the most appropriate solicitation strategies. The following information should be included in a request for review of a plan of solicitation:
    1. The name of the individual or organization;
    2. The purpose of the solicitation;
    3. The gift amount to be requested; and
    4. The approximate date of the planned solicitation.
    The Foundation staff will consider the prospect's university affiliations, interests, giving record, involvement in past or present solicitations, and other factors when making clearance recommendations.
  3. When the donation of computer equipment is being considered from a donor, approval is required from the office of Campus Computing Services before acceptance.
  4. Any changes in the timetable for the solicitation plan should be submitted immediately to the Foundation/Office of Development & Alumni Relations.
  5. If donor solicitation plans or programs or units overlap, the respective deans or program directors should agree on the timetable and assignment of the donor.
  6. All fundraising-related publications, proposals, etc., must be reviewed by the UNR Foundation/Office of Development & Alumni Relations before being printed and disseminated. Gift announcements and donor publicity must be coordinated through the Foundation in conjunction with Development & Alumni Relations.
  7. Special fund-raising efforts to targeted constituencies can be accomplished by a campus unit (i.e., KUNR-FM, AAUN, Friends of the Library), but the general schedule and activity must be coordinated with the Foundation.
  8. The level of funding required to endow professorships and chairs and name scholarships, buildings, and other projects will be set in consultation with Development & Alumni Relations with the ultimate approval of the university president.
  9. While solicitation of gifts must be coordinated through Development & Alumni Relations, members of the university community are encouraged to establish contacts and cultivate prospective donors who have indicated a special interest in their college, school, department, or activity.
  10. Whenever a campus unit plans to involve volunteers in a fundraising effort, Development & Alumni Relations is available to facilitate and assist in the selection and recruitment of the volunteers and to provide them with the information and training required in order for them to be effective in soliciting funds on behalf of the University.
  11. Maintenance of a master calendar detailing the schedules of all campus solicitation activities is the responsibility of the University Events staff.