1,704: Revisions of Self-Supporting Budgets

Last Revised: February 2010

Revisions to self-supporting accounts are done on the "Revision of Self-Supporting Budgets" form. Revisions to self-supporting budgets are necessary to reflect increases or decreases in the anticipated revenues or expenditures of a self-supporting account. Increases in revenue must be accompanied by a corresponding increase in expenditures, transfers out, and/or ending account balance. Revisions that only affect expenditure object codes must net to zero.

Revisions of self-supporting budgets exceeding 25% of budgeted expenditures for budgets up to $400,000, or revisions in excess of $100,000 for budgets greater than $400,000, must be approved by the Chancellor's Office.

Revisions to self-supporting accounts must be signed and approved by the account manager, dean or director, and forwarded to Planning, Budget & Analysis. The Assistant Vice President for Planning, Budget & Analysis is the presidential designee for institutional approval of revisions to self-supporting accounts.