1,670: University Facility Naming Policy

Revised: September 2020

The University Facility Naming Policy at the University of Nevada, Reno is designed to complement NSHE policies in the Board of Regents Handbook and Procedures and Guidelines Manual. The policy applies to all university facilities (buildings, rooms, specific interior or exterior locations, real property, and signage on any portion of any university facility).

Generally, the naming of  university facilities recognizes the significant contributions of individuals, corporations or private foundations in support of the University of Nevada, Reno.  

Names for buildings, whether for new buildings, building additions, or existing buildings, are subject to approval by the NSHE Board of Regents. The President will recommend the proposed building name to the Board of Regents through the procedures set by the Chancellor (see Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 10, Section 25 and Procedures & Guidelines Manual, Chapter 1, Section 2). Following final approval, the President, Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations, or designee shall notify in writing all appropriate campus administrative offices of all such names.

Names for renovations or enhancements, parts of buildings, rooms, or public spaces on campus are subject to approval by the President with written notification to the Chancellor.

Naming Opportunities and Direct Gifts to the University

In cases where the naming opportunity arises from a direct gift to the University, the proposal must have the concurrence of the Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations Relations and follow the protocol for submission. Review of proposals will include the following:

  • Naming opportunities based on contributions for new buildings, additions for interior or exterior locations, and major renovations or enhancements normally begin with a minimum gift or commitment equal to 50% of the cost of private funding needed for the project.
  • Naming opportunities based on multiple-year gift pledges or irrevocable deferred gifts are at the discretion of the President in consultation with the Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations. 
  • All naming opportunity gift levels will be coordinated with, and follow the guidelines and specifications of, Development & Alumni Relations.

Naming of Buildings, Parts of Buildings, Renovations, Enhancements, Rooms, and Public Spaces

  1. The naming of a building, part of a building, renovation, enhancement, room, or public space shall be considered in accordance with the following principles, if it is to be named after a person or persons:
    1. Years of service to public education
    2. Contributions to public education
    3. Quality and time of service to community or state
    4. Contributions to the betterment of the community or state
    5. Significant donations to the University through the UNR Foundation, the Board of Regents, AAUN or any other university entity without personal gain
  2. The naming of a building, part of building, renovation, enhancement, room, or public space shall not be considered under the following conditions, if it is to be named after a person or persons:
    1. The person is currently employed by the Nevada System of Higher Education
    2. The person is currently serving on the Board of Regents
    3. The person is currently an elected public official 
  3. Naming is generally in effect for the useful life of the facility. 

For policies and procedures related to building and donor signage, please see UAM section 5,210.