1,491: Athletic Team Travel

Revised: March 2017

As representatives of the university and its athletic program, student-athletes and staff are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Coaches are responsible for establishing and enforcing a dress code for their teams when traveling. Team members will be directed to dress appropriately when traveling on business or with a team.

All travel must be preceded by completing an "Employee's Travel Request" form. Without this form, travel is not authorized, is not covered by insurance, and it is not possible to receive a travel advance. Travel requests are available on the university website.

All advances must be reconciled within fifteen (15) days after completion of the trip by submitting a Group Travel Claim form. Additionally, in advance of the travel, a final copy of the official travel roster and itinerary are to be distributed to the sport administrator and a copy should be given to the athletics administration front desk. The travel itinerary should include the following:

  1. Official travel party list - each person traveling with the team must be listed by name and purpose of travel. Only persons whose names are on the approved list may travel with the team.
  2. Departure date and time, return date and time.
  3. Mode of transportation and name of carrier.
  4. Lodging, including name, address and telephone number or property.
  5. Telephone contact number (cell) of coaching staff and other official staff members traveling with the team.
  6. Itinerary.
  7. Date of the itinerary and official travel party list.


The mode of transportation is selected by the head coach and approved by the sport administrator. When choosing the mode of transportation, safety, impact on academics/number of travel days, expense, availability, distance and budget must be considered.


  • Commercial airlines are an acceptable means of travel for athletic teams for competitions over six (6) hours or 350 miles (one-way) away.
  • Charter services are subject to the prior written approval of the athletic director and can only be procured through the involvement of the NSHE BCN Purchasing Department.

Bus/Mini Bus

  • Buses may be used to transport to away venues, transport to hotels from airports, and transport from hotels to playing venues.


  • Student athletes may not drive the other athletes as part of team travel. All other drivers (managers, volunteer coaches, etc.) must have prior approval from the sport administrator before driving.
  • Drivers must be at least 21 years of age (or meet the requirements of the state where the team is renting the van or automobile), have a valid and approved State of Nevada driver's license and be rested.
  • Fifteen (15) passenger vans shall be loaded with no more than ten (10) passengers and equipment. Twelve (12) passenger vans may be loaded with no more than eight (8) passengers and equipment.


  • Hotel rates should not exceed current NSHE rates unless approved by a sport administrator or designee. Those rates are based per person, per day.
  • No more than three student-athletes may be assigned to a room, one per bed.
  • Single rooms are reserved for head coaches only except in a situation where travel circumstances and/or gender mix dictates other arrangements.


  • As required by the state of Nevada the maximum per diem for meals is subject to the rates listed on the federal GSA website. Team meals may be provided to the staff and student-athletes in place of cash per diem. A list of all attendees and their reason for travel (coach, trainer, student-athlete, etc.) must be submitted with the team meal receipt. Head coaches are encouraged to provide team meals for the travel party.
  • The total per diem (meals and hotel) per traveler, per day, in-state or out-of-state is subject to the rates listed on the federal GSA website. This combined amount, per traveler, may not be exceeded.
  • Due to the large size of the official travel party, football may be an exception to this policy.
  • All meals/snacks/per diem allocations provided to student-athletes must be in accordance with NCAA regulations.
  • Expenses for team meals provided for home games or team meetings must be documented by a list of all attendees and their role at the meal (coach, trainer, student-athlete, etc.).


  • Student-athletes not traveling to or from a competition with the team must sign a release of liability waiver which must be approved prior to travel by the sport administrator or a parent if student-athlete is under 18 years old.
  • If a non-University of Nevada employee is traveling with the team they must sign a release of liability waiver and must have prior approval from the athletic director or designee.

Administrative and Recruiting Travel

  • All individual administrative and recruiting travel must follow the general university policy beginning at Section 1,400 in this manual.
  • Travel for incoming recruits must follow the guidelines in the "Nevada Recruiting and Retention" policy as stated in the Intercollegiate Handbook.

Volunteer Travel

Volunteers are defined as non-paid workers. The sports administrator or designee must approve volunteers' travel with the team. For insurance purposes, all volunteers must be signed up as volunteers with the department of athletics prior to traveling with the team.

Charter and Guest Travel

Guests are defined as non-employees/non-volunteers who have a business purpose for traveling (e.g. donor cultivation or donor appreciation). Travel with the team must be approved in writing in advance by the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.

  • The travel party must meet all timelines as outlined by the athletic department. An itinerary shall be provided in advance.
  • Professional conduct is expected at all times during the entire trip.
  • Dress code shall be business casual on the plane. Shorts or tank tops are not permitted. Appropriate or casual apparel is required for the game day and trip home.
  • Guests are required to pay for all hard costs (hotel, meals, etc.) unless otherwise notified by the athletics staff
  • Alcohol is prohibited on the plane.
  • Children under 12 are not allowed to travel with the charter without permission of the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • The athletics department must be informed in advance of the possibility of traveling with children ages 12-18, so clearance can be obtained in advance, per NCAA regulations.
  • Anyone not participating in any of the scheduled events should notify the athletics staff so as to avoid any unnecessary delays.
  • All guests are required to sign a volunteer travel waiver in advance of traveling.
  • Emergency contact information must be provided to the athletics department in advance.