1,490: Group Travel

Revised: March 2015

Group travel is defined as travel by more than one university employee, student, or a combination of these persons whose group is a team, class or other organization directly affiliated with and sponsored by the university. 

Cash advances for group travel may be secured by submission of an "Employee's Travel Request" form at least three business days prior to the time the check is required.  Within fifteen (15) days after completion of the trip, an expense report on a "Claim for Group Travel Expenses" form must be filed in the Controller's Office.  All items on the expense report must be supported by either a vendor's receipt or "Receipt for Group Travel Expenses Log" where appropriate.  

Group Travel Meals and Lodging  

Expense of meals and lodging may not exceed the amounts prescribed for state employees subject to the GSA federal per diem rates for in-state and out-of-state travel. See UAM sections 1,401 - Out-of-State Travel and 1,403 - In-State Travel.  

Group meals may be provided to the group in place of cash per diem. For locations in remote areas where a restaurant is not within reasonable travel distance, groceries for the group may be purchased by a group leader in lieu of meals on cash per diem. The amount of groceries cannot exceed the federal per diem rates as mentioned above times the number of travelers. A list of all attendees and their purpose of travel must be submitted with the group meal or grocery receipt. Use 'Receipt for Group Travel Expenses Log'.  

If a specific agency guidelines for a sponsored program are more restrictive than university policy, then agency rules shall apply. Individuals should be familiar with the specific allowable cost provisions of their sponsored programs. In no case, will an amount be reimbursed that is larger than allowed under the university's policies and procedures.