1,420: Travel Expense Reimbursement Procedure

Revised: March 2017

Within fifteen (15) days after completion of a trip, a "Claim for Employee Travel Expense" form must be filed in the Controller's Office. Travel expenses must be itemized for each day of travel. If an advance has been received, indicate the total cost of the trip, amount of advance received, and the amount either due to the traveler or due to the university. The account to be charged must be specified and must have sufficient funds or budget authority to cover the total amount being charged. The travel claim form must be routed through the proper administrative channels for approval. If bus, airplane, or railroad transportation is used, the traveler's original portion of the ticket or a printed copy of the electronic ticket must be attached to the "Claim for Employee Travel Expense" form.

If travelers use their personal funds for the purchase of airline tickets or the payment of conference/workshop registration fees, reimbursement will not be made until completion of the travel an submission of a "Claim for Employee Travel Expense" form to the Controller's Office.

Conference registration fees must be charged as an operating expense, not as a travel expense.

"Claims for Employee Travel Expense" forms must be approved by the employee's supervisor and an authorized signer for the account being charged. If the employee or his/her supervisor are not authorized signers on the account being charged, then the claim must also be signed by a person authorized to sign on the account. In order to document the business purpose of university travel, a claim must be completed and approved for any university business-related travel for which the university incurs expense (airfare or car rental charged to a university purchasing card) even if the traveler requests no reimbursement.

Reimbursement for employee travel claims will not be paid if they total less than $10. Employees may submit multiple trips together so they total more than the minimum reimbursable amount.