1,415: Airlines and Travel Arrangements

Last Revised: January 2008

Airline arrangements may be made with any travel agency using the university purchasing card. Care should be exercised to assure that the services provided and costs charged by the travel agency are beneficial to the university. Some travel agencies may charge an additional management or service fee. Airline tickets and the travel itinerary may be delivered directly to the department. The Controller's Office travel department must be notified of any cancellations or changes in flight plans that will result in the employee receiving a credit for a future flight. 

Only coach airfare will be reimbursed by the university. The traveler will bear the cost of any upgrade to a different class of service.

When making lodging reservations or car rental arrangements for employees, the expenses may not be billed directly to the university.

The traveler must personally pay for or charge the lodging to his/her university travel card or personal credit card, then submit the itemized lodging receipt for reimbursement with a "Claim for Employee Travel Expense" form.

Rental car arrangements may be made using a university purchasing card. Rental cars are generally not allowed for university employees staying at a conference/workshop hotel without justification. Such justification may include a rental car being the most economical method from and to the airport or the need to conduct university business away from the conference hotel. Justification must be included with a "Claim for Employee Travel Expense" form.

Under no circumstance may travel for non-university business be charged to a university account.