1,411: Use of Rental Cars

Last Revised: July 2007

Certain rental car agencies have agreed to provide what the Risk Management Division has determined to be minimum acceptable coverages, and State Purchasing has developed contracts with each of them. The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) has also entered into a contract with Enterprise-Rent-A-Car for car rental within the state of Nevada. Use of any company not authorized by State Purchasing or the NSHE contract may expose the state and university to increased liability in the event of an accident. Vehicles must be rented in the name of the individual, and the State of Nevada or NSHE rental contract number should be referenced. If available, employees should always use the state contract (and prices) to obtain insurance coverage. Reservations may be made directly or through a travel agent.

Do not bill rental cars to the university

Justification must be provided on the "Claim for Employee Travel Expense" form if a non-state approved rental car vendor is used. Rental from a non-state contracted car rental company will put the traveler's department at risk for the full value of the rental vehicle. If it is necessary to rent from a non-state contracted car rental company, the employee should purchase both liability insurance and the loss damage waiver.

The State Motor Pool may be used for rental cars in Las Vegas, Reno and Elko. To reserve a state motor pool car, call the State Motor Pool Division in the appropriate location and bring a completed "Nevada State Motor Pool Vehicle Requisition and Trip Report" with you to the motor pool.

Shuttle service to and from the state motor pool is available at the airports.