1,406: Cash Travel Advances

Last Revised: July 2007

The primary source for cash travel advances is the university-facilitated travel charge card at an authorized automated teller machine (ATM) facility. The Controller's Office will issue travel advances by check to students traveling on university business and to employees on an exception basis only. Explanation of the exceptional circumstances and the approval of the appropriate dean, director, vice president or the Executive Vice President & Provost will be required.

The "Employee's Travel Request" form provides for the requesting of a travel advance and must be filed in the Controller's Office at least three working days prior to the time the check is needed. Advances will not be made for less than $100 and will be made for travel expenses only, excluding airfare and registration. Advances issued on this exception basis must be cleared within fifteen (15) days after completion of the trip by filing a "Claim for Employee Travel Expense" form. An advance will not be made if a previous advance has not been cleared. Advances represent a lien upon the accrued salary of the requesting employee (NRS 281.172, 281.173). Advances will not be issued after the departure date of the trip.

University employees who travel on behalf of the university may apply for a travel card by submitting an application to the Controller's Office. Application forms are available on the web a the Campus Business website.

The travel card can be utilized for all travel advances and business travel expenses (hotel charges, car rentals, meals, etc.). The minimum cash advance withdrawal amount is $100 per transaction. The maximum cash advance per trip is two (2) transactions per week, $250 per transaction and/or $500 per week. Exceptions may be made, with proper approval, for special circumstances requiring higher limits. Contact the Controller's Office for further information.

The traveler may be charged a transaction fee by the card issuer, and some banks may charge an additional transaction fee each time the ATM cash advance feature is utilized. The university will reimburse a maximum of $8.50 for each transaction. The fee will be reimbursed when it is included on the "Claim for Employee Travel Expense" form with documentation in the form of the transaction receipt from the ATM or a copy of the traveler's travel card statement.

The university will promptly reimburse all authorized expenses, including ATM transaction fees, upon receipt of the "Claim for Employee Travel Expense," provided that sufficient funds or budget authority are available in the account(s) to be charged and appropriate approval has been obtained.

In the event an employee incurs interest charges related to the late payment of a credit card bill on which only authorized travel charges occur, and absent exigent circumstances, and the employee has submitted the "Claim for Employee Travel Expense" within fifteen (15) working days after completion of the trip, interest charges incurred will be reimbursed to the employee by the university.