1,307: Final Payments / Partial Payments to Terminated Employees

Revised: October 2019

Final Payment Calculation Methods by Employee Classification
Employee ClassificationPartial Payment Calculation Method
Classified Staff Salaried employees' pay is calculated from the employee’s compensation in Workday. Partial months will be paid by dividing the monthly salary by the number of work days in the current pay period to determine the daily rate of pay. Paid working days are considered to be Monday through Friday including holidays.
Temporary Hourly Employees,
Student Workers
Hourly pay is calculated by multiplying the hourly pay rate by the number of hours worked, submitted by the employee and approved by the manager.
Administrative Faculty,
Academic Faculty,
Post Docs,
Medical Residents

Salary for "A" contract employees terminating during a pay period is calculated by dividing the working days for the month into the monthly base salary and multiplied by the FTE. This amount is multiplied by the days worked for the month to pro-rate the salary. "A" contract faculty are paid for up to 48 days of unused annual leave unless they were directed in writing to use the annual leave prior to termination. Accumulated leave payments will be computed by dividing the monthly base salary by 21.67 and multiplying this by the number of accumulated leave days remaining in Workday.

Salary for a “B” contract employee is determined by using the B contract Campus Academic Calendar and then taking the base salary divided by the number of contract days to determine a daily rate. Once the daily rate is determined, the daily rate is multiplied by the number of days worked based on the Campus Academic Calendar. Should this person have already received a greater amount than the above formula would produce, as a result of a twelve monthly installment method of salary payment, excess payment must be returned upon termination.

Graduate Assistants Monthly base salary multiplied by full time equivalent (FTE) determines the monthly pay amount. The first month of hire is not pro-rated such that the employee receives a full month of payment, regardless of start date. If the Graduate Assistant terminates prior to the end of the semester, pay is pro-rated for the month by determining the number of working days in the month. The number of days worked divided by the working days in the month is multiplied by the monthly pay amount to determine the pro-rated monthly pay amount.