1,117: Campus Audit Department Charter

Last Revised: June 2009


The campus audit function is an independent, objective, assurance and consulting activity established within the University to review accounting, financial and other operations to determine:

  1. University assets are safeguarded and their use is properly accounted for
  2. Accurate financial, operating and managerial controls exist and function properly
  3. The extent of compliance with established policies, plans and procedures
  4. Recommendations are made for appropriate improvements in controls
  5. Management plans, policies and procedures are carried out and executed efficiently and effectively

Organizational Status

The Campus Audit Department functions in accordance with policies established by the State of Nevada, the Board of Regents of NSHE, and the University of Nevada, Reno. Campus Auditing directly reports to the associate vice president for Business and Finance.

The associate vice president for Business and Finance is responsible for reviewing all institutional audit reports and responses to audits, including, but not limited to, those performed by campus audit and other external (non-university) organizations such as NSHE Internal Audit, the State of Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau, and federal agencies.


The Campus Audit Department is authorized to conduct a broad, comprehensive program of internal auditing within the university, which includes examination and evaluation of adequacy, efficiency and effectiveness of the systems of financial and management control of the university and their compliance with federal, state, NSHE and university policies, procedures, laws and regulations. In carrying out these activities, Campus Audit is authorized to have full, free and unrestricted access to all university functions, property, personnel and records (including manual and electronic records). Although such access is unlimited, Campus Audit will ensure the safekeeping and confidentiality of all records and information.

The Campus Audit Department has neither direct responsibility for, nor authority over any of the activities, functions, or tasks it reviews. Accordingly, Campus Audit does not develop or write policies or procedures that they may later be called upon to evaluate. They may review draft materials developed by management for propriety and/or completeness; however, ownership for these materials remains the responsibility of management. 

Scope of Activities

The objective of Campus Audit is to assist university management with objective analysis and recommendations concerning the activities reviewed. The scope of activities may include: 

  • Reviewing operational areas for their stewardship of resources and compliance with established laws, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Conducting special audits and reviews at the request of senior management
  • Participating in the design of manual and automated systems as an advisor on internal controls
  • Investigating reported allegations of fraud, embezzlement, theft, or waste and recommending controls to prevent and/or detect such occurrences
  • Serve as a liaison between university departments and the NSHE Internal Audit Department in responding to audits performed by the system administration office