4,709: Copy Services for Students or Student Groups

Last Revised: December 2003

Materials which are primarily an aid to the student in that they provide some of the content of a course or the type of information which might be found in a textbook or a periodical, and material for campus organizations and clubs, will be duplicated at University Copy Center only if the student or student groups pay for all materials and labor. This includes articles, student reports, student committee reports, student activity or living group materials, and class-prepared projects. Material of this nature, other than syllabi (see Section 4,711), which is distributed to a class may, if approved by the chair, be charged to the department's budget. Arrangements may also be made with University Copy Center for the reproduction and sale to students of those materials not supported by departmental budgets.

It should be noted that the responsibility rests with the faculty or staff member for securing permission to reproduce copyrighted material. All reproduction of this type must be scheduled through the University Copy Center.