4,618: Rebroadcast

Last Revised: April 1999

The University reserves the right of first broadcast after the event. However, the University will permit general media broadcast after the event, but only on a public service basis and only with the written consent of the person or group involved.

Use of tapes, photographs, or film for commercially sponsored broadcasts ordinarily will not be permitted. Under special circumstances advantageous to the University, permission for commercial use of such material may be given mutually by the director of Public Information and the sponsoring group.

Mechanical arrangements for taping or filming for later broadcast should be made well in advance of the event with Teaching and Learning Technologies. The sponsoring organization and University Media Relations should be informed of such arrangements.

A speaker will have the right to edit such tapes and release of this right is between the speaker and the station. The University requires the reading of a disclaimer at the opening and closing of any broadcast to the effect that views expressed are not necessarily those of the University.