3,517: Final Examination Scheduling Policy

Revised: March 2015

For regular academic terms, final examinations held during the required final week class meeting must occur at the time specified in the Final Week Class Schedule, unless a change is approved by the Office of the Provost prior to the first day of instruction of the term. A request to change the assigned final class meeting time for an entire class must be forwarded via the instructor, department chair, and dean to the Provost's Office. Approved requests will be communicated by the Provost's Office to Scheduling Services.  Except in unusual circumstances, permission will not be granted to change final class meetings to times outside the final week period.  For final exams in online classes that are scheduled in alignment with a standard academic term, instructors shall provide students with a range of allowable final exam times during the final week period.  The range shall not be less than 3 days in duration.  

It is the responsibility of students to consult the Final Week Class Schedule each academic term and also to verify final class meeting times in class syllabi.  A student having three or more final examinations scheduled in a 24 hour period has the right to a special schedule arrangement if the examinations cover 9 or more credit hours of coursework.   

The student should first request a schedule accommodation by contacting the relevant instructors.  The process of seeking this request should begin as soon as possible after the start of the academic term, and no later than the fifteenth day of instruction.  If the student is unable to obtain an accommodation from the instructors, the student can formally request an arrangement from the dean of the college or school in which the student is registered.  The request can be made using the Final Exam Schedule Accommodation Form. The deadline for submission of this form is 5:00 pm on the last day to drop classes with no monetary refund.  In consultation with other deans, if appropriate, the dean of the student's college shall determine which of the examinations is to be taken at a time other than that originally scheduled; that decision is final.  The dean shall notify the student and the relevant instructor(s) of the decision within 7 days of the receipt of the Final Exam Schedule Accommodation Form.  The student then shall consult with the relevant instructor(s) to reschedule the examination(s).