3,503: Online Learning Special Course Fee

Revised: December 2020

Students enrolled in a class with an instruction method of WB (Web Based) or WM (Web Based with some meetings) pay a per credit hour Distance Education, Online & Independent Learning, and Weekend & Late Start Fee which is listed in the Nevada System of Higher Education Procedures & Guidelines Manual under special course fees. This fee covers the extraordinary costs of offering the course online or with an online component as well as the costs of online course improvements or new course development. Extraordinary expenses related to offering an online course include the costs of developing/designing the course; purchasing equipment and software or licenses for course administrators, teaching assistants, or instructors; providing technical support for students and instructors; purchasing and maintaining online course registration software; and providing online test proctoring services. This fee is assessed in addition to any differential fees since those fees are based on general program costs that did not include expenses associated with online delivery.

Fees are deposited each semester into accounts maintained by the Office of the Provost, with 90% being distributed to the college/department and 10% being retained for use in developing and expanding online education at the University. Variations from this may be approved by the Executive Vice President & Provost.

Colleges and departments may create a single college or department account for all online learning support (Fund 217). To maintain a clear audit trail, online course fee funds should not be commingled with other types of funds. The Office of Planning, Budget & Analysis will monitor account balances.

College and departments may request that a course or courses be exempt from this fee. This request should identify the extraordinary circumstances that warrant the exception and be made by memo from the dean to the Executive Vice President & Provost.