3,501: Special Course and Other Student Fees

Revised: February 2019

NSHE Title 4, Chapter 17 contains Board policy regarding the assessment and use of student fees.  Except for student health service and health insurance fees, all additions, revisions and deletions to special fees including, but not limited to student, special course fees over $50, differential program and special use fees, and residence hall, apartment rentals, and food service rates are presented to the Board for approval during the last Board meeting of each calendar year. Exceptions to this policy require approval of the Chancellor.

Prior to going to the Board of Regents, all student fees must first be reviewed by the Student Fee Review Committee or a similar group or committee with students.  Proposals needing review by the Student Fee Review Committee for new or increased student fees, including special course fees, can be submitted twice each year, in August and January. Proposals are due to the Provost's office by the deadlines posted on the Academic Affairs Calendar.  Such proposals should include justification for the new or increased fee and include a revenue and expense budget.  The Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs and Planning, Budget & Analysis staff review these documents prior to submitting them for committee review.  The committee meets early in the fall and spring semesters to review student fee and special course fee requests.