3,500: Information Publications Distributed

Revised: July 2012

On-line Catalog:

During the fall semester of each year, the applicable sections of the General Catalog are distributed to the individual deans and directors for updating and return to the Office of Admissions and Records to prepare for publication. The effective date of each new catalog is in May following the close of the spring semester.

The university catalog contains information, policies, and/or procedures for the following:

  • Institutional mission and core themes;
  • Entrance requirements and procedures;
  • Grading policy;
  • Information on academic programs and courses, including degree and program completion requirements, expected learning outcomes, required course sequences, and projected timelines to completion based on normal student progress and the frequency of course offerings;
  • Names, titles, degrees held, and conferring institutions for administrators and full-time faculty;
  • Rules, regulations for conduct, rights, and responsibilities;
  • Tuition, fees, and other program costs;
  • Refund policies and procedures for students who withdraw from enrollment;
  • Opportunities and requirements for financial aid and scholarships;
  • Academic calendar;
  • Honors program;
  • Credit by examination;
  • Policy regarding permanent academic records;
  • Applying for graduation;
  • Scholarships

Publications describing educational programs include accurate information on:

  • National and/or state legal eligibility requirements for licensure or entry into an occupation or profession for which education and training are offered;
  • Descriptions of unique requirements for employment and advancement in the occupation or profession.