3,075: Compliance with Regulations on the College Work-Study Program

Revised: July 2012

Continuation of the College Work-Study Program is dependent on strict adherence to federal regulations. Compliance with these regulations is also necessary to avoid financial penalties. Employers of work-study students are reminded of the following requirements:

  1. Students can only be paid for the hours they actually work. They cannot be paid for hours they did not work. Students cannot receive a payroll advance.
  2. The College Work-Study Program is intended by law to be a learning process as well as a financial aid.
  3. Student workers must be supervised adequately.
  4. Supervisors, by signing the bi-monthly hourly student time card, are attesting that the hours stipulated were in fact worked by the student involved.
  5. Departments must complete and retain the College Work-Study hourly time sheets (hard copies or electronic) for 5 years for possible future audit.
  6. College work-study employment is not to be used as study time.
  7. Students must not work in excess of the amount of money awarded to them under the College Work-Study Program.