3,054: Counseling Services

Revised: February 2021

Counseling services are provided to students of the University by professionally trained staff, as well as supervised trainees, who follow professional, national, and state guidelines for confidentiality. Services include individual and group counseling for personal, developmental, vocational, or academic concerns. Students may refer themselves to Counseling Services, and faculty members are encouraged to refer students who may need assistance. Counseling Services’ staff members are also involved with outreach activities that include, but are not limited to, mental health, well-being, personal safety and sexual assault prevention, cultural diversity, and international student issues.

Services obtained at Counseling Services are supported by the mandatory counseling fee paid for by students enrolled in six or more credits at registration. Students enrolled in fewer than six credits and all students during Summer Session are required to pay the fee at the time they request services. Incoming freshmen are eligible for services the week prior to the start of the Fall semester. Psychological testing for attentional difficulties and learning disabilities is also provided for a small fee.