2,170: Faculty Grants-in-Aid

Revised: May 2017

For specific information regarding the policies for grants-in-aid for academic and administrative faculty and graduate assistants, such as eligibility and fees, refer to the Board of Regents Handbook.

Military Science instructors are eligible for the same grant-in-aid benefit levels as are regular faculty. The Faculty Human Resources Department maintains a list of Military Science instructors that are eligible for grant-in-aid. The Military Science Department is responsible for notifying Faculty Human Resources of changes to the faculty.

Grants-In-Aid Coverage

  1. All for credit classes that are included in the weighted student hour calculation for state funding.
  2. University Studies Abroad Consortium classes
  3. Extended Studies/365 Learning Summer Session classes

Grants-In-Aid Restrictions

The following programs are not eligible or have restrictions to the Grants-In-Aid Benefit:

  1. Pearson on-line sponsored courses in Social Work and Community Health Sciences
  2. Master of Judicial Studies, Justice Management and Doctorate of Philosophy in Judicial Studies
  3. EMBA Program - the maximum Grants-In-Aid for courses in this program is equal to the amount that would be paid for the classroom MBA program.
  4. Extended Studies/365 Learning, including Summer Session, reserves the right to refuse to honor a Classified Grant-In-Aid in a requested academic credit class.
  5. Non-credit classes offered through Extended Studies are not eligible for this benefit.
  6. Grant-in-Aid will not cover Excess Credit Fees.