2,904: Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants

Revised: August 2011

Contracts funded from appropriated monies can be issued for no more than three years for students completing the master's degree and five years for students completing the doctoral degree.

In order to insure satisfactory progress towards the degree, graduate teaching assistants are required to pass at least ten graduate credits per year in order to maintain eligibility for the assistantship. In exceptional cases, partial fulfillment of a graduate requirement (e.g., language proficiency) may be permitted as part of the ten-credit load. Such exceptions must be approved by the Graduate School Dean with notification to the office of Financial Aid.

Research assistants on state or federal funds may not include personal thesis or doctoral research as part of their assistantship duties. It is recognized that occasionally thesis research can legitimately be part or overlap with larger research projects and that in such cases the policy must be flexibly applied.