2,900: Board of Regents Policy Concerning Graduate Assistants

Last Revised: July 1999

Procedures to be followed in obtaining authorization to offer a contract as a graduate assistant shall be established by the president. The number of graduate assistantships authorized by the Board of Regents may be found in the annual operating budget for each division. Additional temporary graduate assistantships may be authorized by the president.

A new position group called "graduate assistant special" has been established. These positions will not be subject to the adopted salary schedule or eligible for any fringe benefits of graduate assistant employees, except those itemized on their individual contracts, and will not be included with regular graduate assistants for calculation of average salary or compensation. The category will be used only in extraordinary circumstances where no other category is appropriate, will usually be paid from non-appropriated funds, will usually not be subject to renewal, and will not be used if a regular graduate assistant appointment would be appropriate.