2,800: Regulations Regarding Student Employment

Revised: August 2018

The primary purpose of the Student Employment Office within the Human Resources Office is to:

  • Assist eligible students in securing part-time employment on campus;
  • Provide guidance to student employees and on-campus employers through policies and procedures related to student employment
  • Establish an employment record in the Human Resources Management System and maintain proper personnel records.


An eligible student, for this purpose, is defined as an individual who is enrolled as an undergraduate student, graduate student or graduate special during the fall or spring terms in any academic year. Departments will verify that a student is enrolled by requesting a copy of their course schedule at the beginning of each term. The course schedule is important so that hours can be scheduled that do not conflict with class times. Only enrolled UNR students are eligible for student employment. Students at other NSHE institutions are not eligible. A student may work during the summer term if they are enrolled at the University during the summer terms or are enrolled for the fall semester. Students who graduate or terminate their academic program are no longer eligible for student employment beyond the calendar month of such action.

Students who are no longer enrolled in classes will be terminated from their student employment positions immediately upon notification being sent to the hiring department by Human Resources.

Work Hour Limitations:

Student employees may work a maximum of 25 hours per week during periods of enrollment when classes are in session (Fall/Spring semesters). During breaks (winter, spring, summer) students should not work more than eight hours a day or a 40 hour work week (Sunday-Saturday). Should the hours worked exceed 40 hours in a work week, the employer must pay overtime. Overtime should be used sparingly and if overtime is expected to be incurred for more than two weeks, dean or vice president approval is required. The approval for extenuating circumstances should be provided to Human Resources prior to timesheet submittal.  Students must not be scheduled to work when they have a scheduled class period. When a student is employed with more than one department the employer should coordinate their schedule with the other department as not to exceed work hour maximums.

International students attending the University on F-1 Visas who work on campus are required to comply with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) guidelines that limit hours worked to 20 per week during periods of enrollment and 40 during summer and winter breaks. Hours worked by international students on J-1 Exchange Visitor Visas are limited by authorization from the sponsor, and may not exceed 20 hours per week during periods of enrollment and 40 hours per week during summer and winter breaks. 

On-Campus Job Postings:

In order to provide equal opportunity and access to on-campus employment, student employment vacancies typically will be posted on Workday.  The ultimate goal of on-campus student employment is to provide work experience for our students, provide financial aid in the form of wages and increase the student’s likelihood for academic success.

A student may not begin work until the hiring department has confirmed the student meets the minimum eligibility requirements. Departments have the ability to set more stringent requirements as appropriate for the job.