2,701: Regional Program Faculty Appointments

Last Revised: February 2010

University of Nevada, Reno Faculty: Appointments for off campus teaching are made upon completion of the following:

  1. The recommendation of a faculty member by the department chair;
  2. Approval of the assignment by the appropriate dean or director for off-campus programs;
  3. Approval of the vice provost of Extended Studies;
  4. Approval of the assignment by the Provost's Office, and
  5. In cases where graduate credit may be earned, approval of the assignment by the graduate dean is also necessary.

Appointments of Instructors Not Regular University Faculty: Instructors who are not members of the university faculty (consultants excluded) have the following items on file in the applicable regional programs office prior to appointment:

  1. resume;
  2. three recommendations from professional sources outside the University, or a confidential file including such references.

Regional Program Salaries:

Salaries for instructors appointed to teach off campus credit courses are based on a schedule determined by the Board of Regents allowing additional increments to compensate for time involved to meet classes in communities in northern Nevada (contact Extended Studies for current salaries).

Travel and per diem is also provided according to the policy of the University.

Stipends for instructors or consultants for courses offered for non-credit or continuing education units is based on the expertise, experience, and prestige of the individual as well as the length of the particular educational program involved. Per diem and travel from the home base of the instructor is also provided according to the policy of the University.