2,696: Pay and Overloads for NevadaFIT

Revised: April 2020

The University of Nevada, Reno is committed to a culture of student success and completion. NevadaFIT is part of this commitment. Short for "Freshman Intensive Transition," NevadaFIT is a one-credit academic program that takes place the week before school starts in the fall semester.  The primary goal of NevadaFIT is to help students transition successfully from high school to college.  The program relies on student mentors, faculty program coordinators, and teaching faculty and postdocs to provide the experience. 

Student Mentors: Student mentor pay rates are determined and communicated prior to each NevadaFIT course.  Student mentors are paid an hourly rate for all hours worked and if the time worked exceeds 40 hours, the students will receive overtime pay for all hours over 40 in a Sunday to Saturday work week.

Program Coordinators and Administrative Support:  Classified staff, administrative faculty and academic faculty on “A” contracts cannot receive overload pay for coordinating NevadaFIT programs.  Faculty coordinators and administrative support complete NevadaFIT work within the scope of their assigned duties. 

Teaching Faculty:  The week before classes start aligns with the first week that “B” or nine-month Academic Faculty are on contract.  B faculty are paid for NevadaFIT using available overload days.  A faculty member’s daily rate is their base salary divided by the number of contract days in the year. The NevadaFIT pay rate, which varies by number of NevadaFIT lectures taught, is divided by the faculty member’s daily rate to determine the number of overload days required to compensate B faculty for their NevadaFIT teaching commitment.  If a “B” faculty has used all of their summer overload days they may follow the process outlined below to receive a Fall teaching overload.

Twelve-month or “A” faculty are on contract on all business days in the year.  Administrative faculty, academic faculty on “A” contracts, and postdoctoral scholars may receive Fall overload pay for teaching academic content for NevadaFIT.  Teaching informational or skills sessions (e.g. study skills, professionalism, inclusion, advising, etc.) during FIT week is considered within the scope of an administrative faculty job. Since there are no overload days available to these faculty and postdocs, the teaching will be considered 1-credit and the Request for Instructional Compensation form in TeamDynamix should be utilized to receive approval from the faculty or postdoc manager and attached to the Period Activity Pay for Fall for the 1 credit.  Amounts may vary based on the number of lectures taught.  Period Activity Pay is always entered with an activity type of “For Credit” since the program carries credit.