2,682 Faculty Leave for National or International Awards

Revised: June 2014

Faculty who are recipients of prestigious awards such as Fulbright Scholarships or Guggenheim Awards may request research leave even if they do not meet the six-year eligibility requirement for sabbatical.  However, for those faculty receiving such an award prior to meeting the six year eligibility requirement, the campus shall not be obligated to pay more than the amount of salary which, when added to the Fulbright or other award stipend, will equal 100% of the individual's annual base salary for the period of leave.  If an allowance for transportation and/or cost-of-living differential is included in the outside compensation, the amount of this allowance will not be considered in computing the salary to be paid by the campus.

A faculty member wishing to receive research leave to accept such a prestigious award shall make the written request in advance to the Executive Vice President & Provost through the dean and chair.  This request shall include a copy of their notice of award letter.  The Executive Vice President & Provost is responsible for determining if the award qualifies the faculty member for research leave.