2,676: Leave Records

Last Revised: June 2008

Each department/unit must keep accurate records of earned and used leave. Each unit must have a designated leave keeper. Leave records must be maintained in a secure location, separate from other employee files. Access to leave records is limited to the leave keeper, the supervisor and the appointing authority. The employee may review his/her leave records upon request. The unit leave keeper may not record or track the leave of their immediate supervisor. Leave records are kept as prescribed by Faculty/BCN Human Resources (HR) and must be available for review upon request by HR. 

Insofar as possible, with the exception of emergency (i.e., unanticipated) sick leave, leave for faculty and classified staff is reported and approved in advance by means of a VPAF-100 leave request form. In the case of emergency sick leave, where completion of the VPAF-100 form in advance is impractical, the form must be completed and transmitted to the record keeper not later than two days after return to work.

Faculty annual and sick leave must be reported in half day or full day increments as prescribed by Faculty HR. All leave records are audited periodically by department leave record keepers with assistance from Faculty HR.

Classified leave must be reported to the minute of time actually taken.

Quarterly leave balances are reported to the employee by the leave keeper. The employee reports any discrepancies to the leave keeper within ten working days. The employee verifies the leave records and signifies agreement by signing the leave report.

Upon termination of employment, leave records for the last year will be audited by the appropriate HR department.

A leave keeper may not keep the leave of his/her direct supervisor. A supervisor's leave record must be maintained by an employee that is not a subordinate to the supervisor.