2,675: Leave for Judicial Services

Last Revised: September 2009

Appearance in connection with one's official capacity as a university employee as a witness in connection with university matters at a trial or other court proceeding, to include an arbitration or mediation hearing, whether it be as a party to the action, or as a witness for any party to the proceeding, is considered a short-term leave and may be authorized by the appointing authority for periods up to 30 calendar days without loss of salary. In special cases, salaried leave for longer periods may be authorized by the president. Judicial leave also will be granted to serve on a jury or when summoned to be a witness. Judicial leave is not available for court appearances in connection with personal legal matters.

Any remuneration received in connection with jury duty or as a witness as a university employee may be retained by the faculty member.

See the Board of Regents Handbook (Title 4, Chapter 3, Section 23) for additional detail.