2,644: Essential Functions

Revised: June 2016

UAM 2,646, Essential Functions for Academic and Administrative Faculty, applies to: the Fitness for Service policy (UAM 2,645), requests for accommodation under the American for Disabilities Act (UAM 1,925), requests for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (UAM 2,673), or as otherwise required by law. Essential functions for any position must be understood in the context of the responsibilities of the position as delineated in the annual role statement for academic faculty or the job description for administrative faculty.

The professional responsibilities of academic faculty are dynamic and are subject to change over time. Departments expand and contract due to a variety of factors that may require changes in the roles of a particular faculty member. As disciplines evolve, technology is implemented, and professional careers mature, changes in professional demands (e.g., demands for extramural activities such as speaking, editorial roles, grant and creative activity) may affect one's academic responsibilities. Contextual factors including economic conditions, enrollment, evolution of the scope of a discipline, innovating and evolving teaching strategies, among other factors, can alter the distribution of responsibilities among faculty in a department.

The essential functions in UAM 2,646 define the types of activities that are performed by academic and administrative faculty. A supervisor who is concerned that a faculty member may be unable to perform the essential functions of the position shall consult with the appropriate dean/vice president regarding that concern before seeking to initiate any evaluation regarding fitness for service. Any allegation that a faculty member may be unable to perform the essential functions of a position shall be reviewed through the formal processes stated in UAM 2,646 and UAM 2,465.