2,640: Resignations and Terminations for Faculty Members

Revised: March 2019

Notification of resignation by a university faculty member is expected to be within professional standards and afford the University adequate time to avoid disruption to students or operations. For academic units, the resignation should be submitted in writing to the department chair and routed to the dean and Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs. The Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs has delegated authority from the President to accept resignations. For administrative units, the resignation should be submitted in Workday and the notification will be routed to the immediate supervisor. The immediate supervisor in administrative units has delegated authority from the President to accept resignations.

Resignation (B/R 12/06)

  1. All resignations by a member of the academic or administrative faculty should be in writing and should be submitted to the appointing authority at least 30 calendar days in advance of its effective date. The resignation must be accepted in writing by the appointing authority (or designee).
  2. If a resignation is tendered verbally or is conveyed to an employee other than the appointing authority, the resignation must still be accepted in writing by the appointing authority or designee.
  3. A resignation should indicate an effective date. If the resignation does not specify an effective date, the resignation shall be effective on the fourth working day after acceptance and this date must be reflected in the written acceptance.
  4. The appointing authority shall accept the resignation in writing and notify the faculty member by e-mail or United States Postal Service. Once an employee's resignation is accepted by the appointing authority, the employee shall have three working days from the effective date of the acceptance letter to revoke the resignation. Thereafter, the employee may not revoke the resignation, regardless of the effective date set forth in it. A revocation of a resignation must be in writing and must be delivered to the appointing authority within the foregoing time period to be effective.
  5. The decision of an appointing authority not to accept a request to rescind a resignation more than three working days after its written acceptance is not subject to grievance or appeal processes.
  6. Academic faculty on a B contract who resign between July 1 and July 31 shall not receive pay for July. Academic faculty who resign between August 1 and the last contract day of the fall semester will have their pay prorated and will be responsible for repayment of salary if sufficient contract days have not been worked.

Notice of Nonreappointment and Notice of Termination for System

Terminations of tenured and non-tenured faculty are made in accordance with the NSHE Code Title 2, Chapter 5, Section 9. The Notice of Nonreappointment and the Notice of Termination form is available from the Human Resources Department.