2,635: Resident Physicians

Last Revised: October 2009

Resident physicians (hereafter referred to as residents) are physicians who are continuing their medical or dental education after receipt of the M.D., D.O. degree through continued instruction and the provision of patient care services in university-affiliated institutions and organizations, and who may also provide instructional services to medical students as the resident's experience and education allows. Responsibilities to be performed shall be defined by the involved department or program of the School of Medicine. Faculties of the School of Medicine are responsible for the supervision and instruction of the residents. The majority of the resident's time is in hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices, and other health care facilities throughout Nevada. Therefore, while on university contract, residents may rotate outside the School of Medicine with affiliated and non-affiliated institutions as long as these clinical rotations are approved by the department to which the resident is assigned.

Appointment of Resident Physicians: Appointments are approved by the president of the University or appropriate designee. Appointments usually shall be issued annually for the university fiscal year; however, appointments may be offered for a shorter period to fill vacancies created by terminations or by the establishment of a temporary position. Contracts for residents are subject to modification during the fiscal year as residents rotate between hospitals and other institutions. In such cases, the residents may be paid during the interim period by other institutions or continued on contract at the University, depending on the inter-institutional arrangements and the needs of the residency program. Work hours will be determined by the needs of patients cared for by the residents in addition to specific departmental assignments. Contracts for residents may be terminated by the University during the contract year for reasons of improper conduct, moral or ethical reasons, for inability to perform to departmental or educational standards and objectives, or because of financial conditions within the School of Medicine. Procedures for notice, hearing and appeal of contract terminations, or other actions shall be followed as established by the University of Nevada, School of Medicine.

Salary Schedule - Resident Physicians: The salary schedule for residents shall be recommended by the Dean of the School of Medicine and subject to approval by the president of the University or designee. The School of Medicine dean's office will provide a copy of the approved salary schedule to the Chancellor's Office, annually. For information regarding benefits, see section 2,112 of this manual.