2,614: Teacher Preparation Programs

Last Revised: July 2007

The College of Education, Office of Field Experiences, has a program in cooperation with school districts in the state of Nevada to prepare education students to become teachers. Lead teachers are teachers employed in schools in the state of Nevada who wish to become mentors to a student intern. Arrangements can also be made for lead teachers in other states. A university faculty member or Letter of Appointment also serves as supervisor to the student intern.

In all school districts in Nevada, except Washoe County School District, lead teachers are chosen by a superintendent, human resources administrator, principal, or vice principal. In Washoe County School District, lead teachers are chosen by the Director of Field Experiences and the school principal or vice principal. To become a lead teacher, a "Lead Teacher Information" form (available on the 'Lead Teacher Orientation' page of the Office of Field Experiences website) is filled out by the candidate. For all lead teachers chosen outside of Washoe County School District, the following documents are completed and submitted to the Office of Field Experiences and then forwarded to the University of Nevada, Reno Human Resources office for payroll: a Letter of Appointment (LOA) PAF and Terms of Employment indicating "Lead Teacher" as the job title, sexual harassment policy receipt form, I-9 and W-4, personal data form, copy of the president's memo on drug free workplace. Lead teachers chosen in the Washoe County School District complete the sexual harassment form and provide their payroll number and social security number to the Office of Field Experiences. Each semester the Office of Field Experiences provides Washoe County School District a spreadsheet with a list of teachers and stipend amounts. The Washoe County School District Human Resources accountant submits a statement for reimbursement to the Office of Field Experiences. Based on this spreadsheet, Washoe County School District then pays the lead teacher in their county. Lead teachers are eligible for a stipend or a three credit grant-in-aid for reduced tuition toward university courses to be used in fall or spring semester following internship. Grant-in-aid for reduced tuition is not available for summer courses.